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Gain a space dedicated to you & your loved one.

I am empathetic to the financial changes people can experience in grief. There are lots of financial choices to be made when you experience the loss of a loved one. In addition, some may be going through financial hardship or navigating finances for the first time.

You deserve support that aligns with your financial needs and wellness. Therapy is an investment. It’s also a commitment you make to and for yourself. The words “investment” and “commitment” might be bringing up some feelings for you…that’s ok. I don’t want this to be another scary piece of the puzzle. You probably have enough of that in your life right now. The following guides you through session rates, session options, and why committing to yourself is so important in this season.

Here are my rates:



60-Minute Session


90-Minute Session


Following the initial session, you will be able to choose from the standard 50-60-minute therapy session or a 90-minute therapy session. Most are familiar with hour-long sessions. 90-minute sessions are traditionally offered for couples, family work, or specific therapeutic interventions. I find they’re also beneficial for individual clients.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re wondering about 90-minute sessions:

    • How frequently can you meet? Some have a lot on their plate and can’t schedule sessions weekly or biweekly, so this offers length and flexibility.
    • Want to bring someone along? If you’re hoping to invite someone to a session, having more space and time can support the process.
    • How do you process things? Perhaps opening up is challenging for you and you like to give yourself a little more time to digest and respond. Or, opening up isn’t a struggle for you and you like as much space as possible to get through everything you want to bring up in sessions.
    • Feeling overloaded? Some days and weeks may feel like more than you can handle. So being able to choose a longer session at that time may feel like a more supportive option.
    • Want flexibility? These options are not set in stone. It could be, you mostly choose 60-minute sessions and occasionally want to meet for 90-minutes. We’ll ebb and flow with life rather than against it.

You will also get to choose how often you want to meet (weekly, biweekly, every three weeks, once a month). I can collaborate with you if you’re having trouble determining what your needs are as you begin therapy. Just like the type of session, frequency can change and shift depending on where you are in life at the moment.

Finances and engaging with therapy can bring up questions about money, time, and energy. All of which are already being impacted by your grief. I have chosen to move into private pay work because I also value my time, energy, and financial wellbeing. Having previously worked in-network with insurance companies, I came to learn there was a lot of “red tape” for my clients as well as for myself. Working outside these confines allows me to be more creative, adaptable, and present to the clients I serve. I get to spend time outside of sessions reading, preparing for sessions, gathering resources, and advancing my knowledge and experience as both a therapist and human. I took a leap to commit to my values, my work, and my clients.

Get the care you deserve & the space that you need while grieving.


Through my own experience, I realized change couldn’t begin without me taking the first step. I invite you to consider, what do you want and need for yourself right now? Could therapy be a way to meet that need or want? Of all the things right now that you can’t change, therapy isn’t something that's permanent. It’s a resource that’s available to you when you need it, for as long as you need it, and in the way that you need it. In the midst of your grief, I would be honored to support you in showing up for yourself and cultivating a space that’s dedicated to you and your love for your person.

Insurance Information

I do not accept health insurance and I want to be transparent about why this is important to me in the work I do and for the clients I serve.

While I am considered out-of-network with insurance plans, many insurers offer partial reimbursement for sessions. Please see FAQs page for further details.

Let's work together.

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